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Meeting your web/graphic design needs – even the fun ones!

Throughout my career as a web designer I have produced web sites while living in Denver, Colorado; Erie, Pennsylvania; and now here, in North Platte, Nebraska. I have also worked in the marketing department of Richmond American Homes on a team of web designers. My clients vary from sports jersey display kits to malls, across the board and everything in between.

But what is so refreshing as a web designer is the chance to do a project, just for fun!

Last fall/winter, some friends of mine started brewing their own beer and were in need of some creative labels for their homebrew.  At about the same time we also started playing a strange, sometimes violent new sport called Kayak Water Polo.  It was being offered here in North Platte, Nebraska for the first time (that I know of anyway).  Out of our awkward tussles for the ball while trying to row along in river kayaks, came some very funny stories and inside jokes.  Eventually these stories made their way into beer labels.  I had a blast creating these, I used grunge effects for the first time and it was fun to create something visual from all the stories we were collecting while laughing together playing this new sport.  Check out some of the labels below (WARNING: SOME MAY FIND THE CONTENT OFFENSIVE).

I should probably mention that the web sites I have linked to in this article are in no way affiliated with other fun projects, such as this one, that I choose to do.  That being said, if you are the least bit intrigued by this strange sport called Kayak Water Polo, check out the website I created for the company that runs the games here in North Platte!  Hope to see you there!