New Website for Extreme Basic Training Fitness Class at the North Platte Recreation Center

I have been taking the most excellent fitness class for about two years now.  I love the way it challenges my body and increases my strength and fitness.  I was the very first student to register for Extreme Basic Training at the North Platte Recreation Center.  The first session had only myself, another student, and our awesome instructor Nicole.  Over the past two years the class has grown significantly and is now offered 4x/week, 6 week sessions.  It has grown in large part to the amazing results people are experiencing because of the fun, creative exercises that our instructor Nicole comes up with.  Rarely are two classes alike.

I have experienced the benefits of this class personally and am passionate about the way this class accomplishes increased health and fitness.  I designed and developed this website for Nicole to use as a tool and resource for enhancing the class and what the participants get out of it.  The administrative side is smooth and easy for Nicole to use herself so that she can use her website to keep her classes up to date on their exercise homework, motivational testimonies and inspirational stories and encouragement.  Check it out and maybe YOU’LL even sign up for the class!

Extreme Basic Training combines 6 weeks of high intensity group exercise classes with individual nutrition guidance.  Be inspired by each member of your class and instructor to be the best you can be.  This program will help you change your lifestyle and reach your goals, sign up today!

Extreme Basic Training Includes:

  • Pre and post body composition assessments
  • 2 group workouts each week, for 6 weeks, that will challenge every muscle in your body
  • “Exercise homework” for the days you are not at Extreme Basic Training
  • Weekly personalized nutritional guidance
  • A team atmosphere that will push you to be your best
  • Extreme Basic Training t-shirt upon completion
  • Guidance, support, motivation and  encouragement!

Do you shop in Grand Island, Nebraska?

If you ever shop in Grand Island, Nebraska, you have probably been to Conestoga Mall.  Conestoga Mall, located in central Nebraska, features a Best Buy, Dillard’s, JC Penney, Sears, Younkers and Showplex Cinemas.

LuHow Designs just completed a redesign of their website.  Their site is mobile and search engine optimized, integrated with Facebook, and includes simple client-side editing capabilities.  The movie feed from Showplex Cinemas comes directly into their “Movie Showtimes” page.  Conestoga Mall updates their own eventsjob openings and sales, which automatically time-out when they set it to do so.  Once LuHow Designs completed the requested website redesign/development and dynamic features, the power and control of the website content was given back to Conestoga Mall employees.



What does your website say about YOUR business?

I am not sure what is worse, an ugly website or a website where you can’t find what you’re looking for.  Probably they are equally bad.  The world wide web is chalk full of aesthetic and functional violations.  On the other hand, many small businesses do not even have a website.  More on that later.

So, what does your website say about you?  About your business?  How would you describe your current “web presence”?  How would others describe it?  Is the current description exactly what you want to portray to anyone and everyone who can find you online?  Is your website easy to use and does it fulfill the function or purpose that you want it to?

Many businesses don’t need a fancy elaborate website, but they do need a user-friendly, functional, eye-pleasing and informative destination. If you think about it, would you ever hang an ugly sign on your store or office door?  Put a nasty billboard up for everyone to see?  Why, then, would you settle for an outdated, difficult to navigate website?  Your website can help or hurt your credibility with new potential clientele.

One type of project I take on a lot as a web developer are redesigns.  And a web redesign does not necessarily mean that the current website was poorly designed or built, it just means that it is important to keep up with the times and with the rapidly changing technology.  I even do redesigns for my own clients.  There are so many free and inexpensive tools out there for your website to utilize but if you don’t have the right kind of website, you won’t be able to access much of it, missing valuable time and opportunity to further your business.  And, just like fashion, clothing and home decor, styles change.  I am not saying that you need to keep up with the trendiest web features (in fact, I would probably advise against it) but you do need to make sure that you adopt a timeless, classic look and user-friendly functionality.

Shopping for web design services can be very intimidating, I know.  There are an awful lot of options, expenses and language that is difficult for most people to understand because it is so foreign to them.  If you need help weeding through your small business website needs and options available, please contact me, web consulting is another service I offer at a discounted rate.  I enjoy helping my clients evaluate and strategize so they can discover what they want their web presence to say to the world about their business.  However, if you are even considering hiring me for the redesign of your website, you can consult with me absolutely free!