LuHow Designs is actively involved in the local community of North Platte, Nebraska and surrounding areas.  We currently provide web design services for the North Platte Children’s Museum, keeping their content fresh and relevant so that the community and folks in the surrounding areas can easily access information about upcoming events and new exhibits at the North Platte Children’s Museum.  LuHow Designs is also a Gold Level Sponsor of the Museum.

Recently LuHow Designs also became a one time sponsor of Bridge of Hope: Child Advocacy Center, providing web design services and online registration/payment for an upcoming event/fundraiser called “Hope in a Kayak”.

For the past two years LuHow Designs has also been providing Art Education within some elementary schools within the North Platte Public School District.  Because Art Education is not a part of the Elementary School Curriculum, it is vital for businesses and parents to mobilize volunteers and resources to supplement classroom teachers with the time, tools and volunteer power to bring visual and fine art education to the children of North Platte, Nebraska.

LuHow Designs maintains our commitment to the local community, always finding ways to give back to the people who make the wheels turn for the good of the whole.