Community Event Fundraiser

The fundraising event, “Hope in a Kayak” was a successful first time event!  Four teams bravely navigated the water in their kayaks, some for the first time ever.  The sport of kayak water  polo is a bit difficult to learn only because there is so much bodily coordination and team strategy involved.  First, you must learn to row and maneuver (often very quickly), the kayak boat, then in addition you must work as a team to move a ball to your opponents goal and score, while following all (if not most) of the rules of play.

Anyway, the sport of kayak water polo presented a unique backdrop for raising funds for our local child advocacy center, Bridge of Hope, in North Platte, Nebraska.  In addition to helping form a team for the competition, LuHow Designs contributed web design services for the event.  We can’t wait to be involved next year and hope to see many more teams from the community rally to support an essential service to children and have fun while doing it!  Thank you to all who participated.  (If you don’t want your picture to appear on this website, please email me and I will remove it promptly.)

My team captain had a much more detailed description of our experience and you can read about it here.  Or read the North Platte Telegraph’s coverage of the event here.  Or you can view KNOP’s coverage of the event here:

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