Basic E-Commerce Website Package

The purpose of the Basic E-Commerce Website Package is to tell your customers about your business, get found in online searches and sell your goods or services.

A WordPress website design for a small business means that the website is built with software that you can update yourself. It’s the most user-friendly website software available, is inherently Search Engine Optimized and ready for future SEO. It’s what we use for all our client websites as well as our own.

This package covers the majority of the needs for small businesses who sell products or services online, so if you’re unsure what you need, this is likely the one.  The Basic E-Commerce Website Package is perfect if you want your e-commerce site set up and you are comfortable adding your own content and products.  It provides a complete, professional design for your business. Once your new WordPress Website is live you can edit content and products yourself and customize it as much or as little as you wish.

IMPORTANT: There are some very basic updates to the WordPress platform that must be made monthly for the website to remain secure and fully functional. We can show you how to do these yourself or you may hire a web developer to perform them or you may consider our Optional Monthly Website Maintenance Package below.

The Basic E-Commerce Website Package Includes:


  • Website Design & Graphics from a template with some design customizations
  • Custom Homepage with slideshow/product showcase
  • Social Media Icons
  • Facebook Page Header

Website Programming   

  • Integrated Shopping Cart
  • WordPress built on Genesis Framework
  • 5 Website Content Pages
  • Contact Page with Contact Form (Includes optional embedded Google Map)
  • Website Blog
  • Feedburner Setup
  • Spam Protection
  • Tests for Cross Browser/Platform Compatibility
  • Sitemap & Submission to Major Search Engines (Google, Bing)
  • Google Analytics

Marketing Consultation Services   

  • Strategy Planning
  • Implementation of Strategy
  • 24 Hour Access to Training Videos (coming soon)

Basic Informational Website Package Price Total   $2,950.00


Available Monthly Add-ons (Optional)

  • Basic Website Maintenance $75/month
  • Product Uploads $5.00 each
  • Yext Powerlistings & Online Review Management
  • Additional Content Pages (you supply the copy) $50 each
  • Email Marketing Set Up $250
  • Custom Website Design & Programming $50/hour (If you think you will need a lot of customization, please consider our “Deluxe” or “Ultra” E-Commerce Package to save you money) Deluxe & Ultra Packages are coming soon.

Domain & Hosting

  • Domain approx. $10/year, registrant of your choice, we can make recommendations
  • Website Hosting approx. $20-$35/month, hosting provider of your choice, we can make recommendations

Meeting your web/graphic design needs – even the fun ones!

Throughout my career as a web designer I have produced web sites while living in Denver, Colorado; Erie, Pennsylvania; and now here, in North Platte, Nebraska. I have also worked in the marketing department of Richmond American Homes on a team of web designers. My clients vary from sports jersey display kits to malls, across the board and everything in between.

But what is so refreshing as a web designer is the chance to do a project, just for fun!

Last fall/winter, some friends of mine started brewing their own beer and were in need of some creative labels for their homebrew.  At about the same time we also started playing a strange, sometimes violent new sport called Kayak Water Polo.  It was being offered here in North Platte, Nebraska for the first time (that I know of anyway).  Out of our awkward tussles for the ball while trying to row along in river kayaks, came some very funny stories and inside jokes.  Eventually these stories made their way into beer labels.  I had a blast creating these, I used grunge effects for the first time and it was fun to create something visual from all the stories we were collecting while laughing together playing this new sport.  Check out some of the labels below (WARNING: SOME MAY FIND THE CONTENT OFFENSIVE).

I should probably mention that the web sites I have linked to in this article are in no way affiliated with other fun projects, such as this one, that I choose to do.  That being said, if you are the least bit intrigued by this strange sport called Kayak Water Polo, check out the website I created for the company that runs the games here in North Platte!  Hope to see you there!

What to Look for in a Web Designer

Trying to find a company or individual to design, program and maintain your website can be a very intimidating task!  I have seen many people go through this process and, initially, they always seem to have a “deer in the headlights” look on their faces!  It really isn’t too different, I think, from the way my face must look every time I walk into The Buckle to buy a pair of jeans!  Hey, some of us are overwhelmed by the thought of developing a web presence while others of us are intimidated by the thought of matching our own clothing before we leave the house…’s all about how we present ourselves to the world, right?

Today I found a very helpful article that I wanted to share with you if you happen to be shopping for a web designer at the moment.  Don’t be overwhelmed.  Take some advice and then go with your gut.  I found this article on  A few things the author said that I would like to highlight for you are:

Designer Portfolio…look for examples that show diversity and range for the designer. Ask to see the portfolio online so that you can see how the websites they’ve built actually work. This is especially important if you’re looking for a designer to build any type of interactivity for your website.

Designer Skills…to assess this in a Web designer, you need to know what you need on your website. This can be hard, but worth thinking through beforehand.  But some skills that they should definitely know include: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  It is important to note that there is the possibility that one person might know a wide range of technologies and programming languages (like PHP, Flash, Ajax, SEO, graphics creation, content writing), it is NOT likely that they will know them all well.  If they tell you they don’t like JavaScript, so they sub-contract all JavaScript work out to someone else, you should consider this a bonus. They know their weaknesses and have figured out a way to work around them.

Designer Experience…while experience can be useful, it can also be a drawback. Just because a designer has less experience doesn’t mean that he or she can’t build a beautiful site for you. Before you base your decision solely on how many sites they’ve built or how long they’ve been in business, think about this:

  • Many long-time designers are stuck in their habits and might not be willing or able to give you a cutting edge website (if that’s what you want).
  • Younger designers are more likely to have gone to school to get a Web design degree. While this isn’t vital either, it does tell you that this person has academic knowledge that an older designer might only have through practice.

Designer Fees…the same rule applies here as with anywhere, “you will probably get what you pay for”.  “Free” means you’ll get a very bad site or very very little, or maybe you’ll get a good site, and then when you ask them to make one change they’ll never answer your calls.  Volunteering and barter is different than free. If you run a non-profit, you might be able to find a Web designer to volunteer time for your website. If you offer a service that is valuable to the designer, you may be able to trade for their web services.

Remember, web design is a specific expertise that only a qualified and trained individual can deliver.  If you need a plumber, you don’t call a florist.  If you need an electrician, you don’t call a hairdresser.  The world wide web might be somewhat new and you may be wary of how to navigate the process of entering it….but you will probably need the expertise of a qualified individual or company to help you, web design is a specific skill set like any other specialized trade.

Read more helpful information on hiring a web designer at>>>