Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re a business owner you have probably heard of Social Media Marketing.  Advertising is now in the consumer’s hands, not yours.  Consumers EVERYWHERE are online searching for products, services and free information.  They are talking about you, your products and other businesses like yours.  They are even posting good and BAD reviews online for the entire internet community to see.  The growing participation and pool of consumers online is not going away anytime soon, perhaps never.  As a business owner you can either choose to be a part of these conversations and “listen in” on the buzz or not.  If you’re looking for new customers and increased revenue, can you really afford NOT to be a part of this conversation?

Social Media Marketing offers you a large variety of ways to put yourself in front of your potential customers and offers you EXPONENTIAL exposure not only to your potential customers but to THEIR networks as well.  How much money do you think that would cost you to reach this many people with a print mailing? A LOT, right?  Social Media, integrated with a good website with lead capture, will also boost your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get you found above your competitors.

Social Media Marketing works on behalf of your business and markets your business while you work, even while you sleep!  Good deal.  So where do you start?  Have you been too overwhelmed with knowing where to start so you’ve procrastinated getting it done?  Let us give you a hint, from our experience, it’s likely your competitors are also procrastinating, but not for long.  Get started before they do and you’ll have new customers scrambling in your door.

LuHow Website Design and Development offers online marketing solutions which include Social Media Marketing strategies and implementation.  We can help untangle the confusion about how to use Social Media and help you setup a strategy for using Social Media as an important, influential tool in your overall marketing strategy.  Here are a few questions to help get you started:

  • What are your goals and expectations regarding social media?
  • Will there be frequent personal interaction with your audience, or are you looking for a way to get on social media because you have to and really don’t have the time or interest in actually being involved?
  • What can you do yourself? Will you handle writing your posts and tweets in-house, or will you need everything managed for you?

We can help you with your Social Media Marketing Goals, whether it’s to help you get started or to implement, oversee and measure your strategy to help you get the results you want for your business.

Prices vary and depend on the size of social media presence your company currently has as well as the depth of social media involvement desired.  Don’t have anything set-up yet or you’re not even sure what you need?  We also offer a Social Media Audit.  The Social Media Audit is a one time fee that gives you and your team the tools and strategies needed to succeed in the changing online social landscape of your specific business. You still get to manage your social media in house but you’ll feel confident that you’re doing the “right” things for your business.  Contact us today for a quote.

What is an “Organic” Search Engine Result?

I thought I should clarify my use of the word “organic”, for those of you who may not know. When you conduct a search, say, on, you’ll see some search results (usually in a yellow or colored box) that are paid advertisements, meaning someone bought ad space to appear as a result when someone googles certain keywords.

I just Googled “best red lipstick” and a sponsored ad from Maybelline appeared. This is a PAID search result, not an ORGANIC one.

Organic search engine results

An organic search result is one that search engine algorithms have determined is the most relevant to the person doing the search, based on their keywords (and their cookies, but that’s a topic for another day) as well as a whole slew of other factors related to the website content, website traffic and social media integration.

There is an ART and a SCIENCE to SEO (search engine optimization).

In other words, the art and science of search engine optimization is crucial to increasing your online footprint and implementing strategic online marketing.  The result of intentionally implementing SEO into your online marketing strategy is a high ranking on consumer searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo, pushing the traffic of internet searchers and consumers to YOUR WEBSITE FIRST. ;-)

If you’re struggling with your business or organization search engine ratings, LuHow Designs can help.  Contact us today, we’d love to assist you with your online marketing needs.

So you need a new website? Where do you start?

As a website designer and developer, I have seen clients go around in circles trying to figure out what they want their website to be, what the purpose of it is, how they want it to look, feel, perform. They lose precious time when they approach their project without thinking it through and mapping it out first.  If you are considering creating a website for the first time or re-designing the one you have, you must know this important truth:

The PURPOSE of your business or organization will determine WHY your website exists and HOW it will help you accomplish your goals.

Determining the purpose of your business or organization, as well as the audience or customer you are targeting, is crucial to driving the strategy (look, feel, function, everything) of your website.  What do you want your website to do that will help you accomplish your business goals?

Once these questions are answered, we try to ask more questions to help decipher our client’s online strategy but ultimately one of the most helpful things our clients end up doing is our suggestion that they spend some time critically exploring the internet on their own and jotting down websites they like and don’t like, whether it’s design or functionality, whether it has to do with their type of business or not. This really helps them to see what’s out there, what the possibilities are for them to pursue and begin imagining what it can look and feel like on their own website.

Perhaps your business goal is to increase your revenue by 20% but there is competition that appears above your business on search engines.  We LOVE the challenge of boosting our clients in search engines so that they organically appear above their competition! And our websites, integrated with social media and email marketing, have the power to do this, if done correctly.

We always have our clients setup their own domain and hosting accounts in their name or their business name and the websites we build for them (complete with cheat sheets and tutorials!) are theirs, they have full ownership and are never obligated or under contract to hire us again if they don’t want to. We have seen TOO many people “lose” their websites, destined to wander the earth separated from the website they thought they owned.

If you are looking to get started with your online marketing strategy, LuHow Designs can help you!  Contact us today for a FREE one hour consultation that, whether or not you hire us for the job, will give you clarity and a place to start accomplishing your business/organization’s goals!

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