Teach Your Kids This!

Over the next 10 years there will be approx. 1.4 m jobs in computer science & only approx. 400,000 grads qualified for those jobs.

My ten year old son loves the quick easy “game” tutorials he plays on codeacademy.com. He earns badges for his accomplishments while learning html, css and php!

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What is an “Organic” Search Engine Result?

I thought I should clarify my use of the word “organic”, for those of you who may not know. When you conduct a search, say, on Google.com, you’ll see some search results (usually in a yellow or colored box) that are paid advertisements, meaning someone bought ad space to appear as a result when someone googles certain keywords.

I just Googled “best red lipstick” and a sponsored ad from Maybelline appeared. This is a PAID search result, not an ORGANIC one.

Organic search engine results

An organic search result is one that search engine algorithms have determined is the most relevant to the person doing the search, based on their keywords (and their cookies, but that’s a topic for another day) as well as a whole slew of other factors related to the website content, website traffic and social media integration.

There is an ART and a SCIENCE to SEO (search engine optimization).

In other words, the art and science of search engine optimization is crucial to increasing your online footprint and implementing strategic online marketing.  The result of intentionally implementing SEO into your online marketing strategy is a high ranking on consumer searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo, pushing the traffic of internet searchers and consumers to YOUR WEBSITE FIRST. ;-)

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