LuHow Website Design & Development Sponsors North Platte Area Children’s Museum

LuHow Web Design Sponsors North Platte Children's Museum


LuHow Designs is Gold Level Sponsor for the North Platte Area Children’s Museum

The North Platte Area Children’s Museum promotes learning for children of all ages and abilities through interactive, informal, hands-on exhibits, demonstrations as well as special camps, programs and events.

Teach Your Kids This!

Over the next 10 years there will be approx. 1.4 m jobs in computer science & only approx. 400,000 grads qualified for those jobs.

My ten year old son loves the quick easy “game” tutorials he plays on He earns badges for his accomplishments while learning html, css and php!

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North Platte Website Development/Design for North Platte OB GYN, PC

Website design and development for local Women’s Healthcare Practice.

Providing women’s healthcare to North Platte, Nebraska and surrounding communities for nearly 20 years. Specializing in…

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Good-bye Brian

We moved to North Platte a little over two years ago and the first time I met Brian he asked if we were one of the new Mormon families, maybe it was the four kids that made him think that, I don’t know.  I believe the correct term is Latter Day Saints, by the way.  I always appreciate the somewhat socially awkward individual, I feel that way so often myself.  Upon first meeting Brian how could anyone not see how sweet, laid back and likable he was.

Those impressions of Brian were soon confirmed when about a month later we all hung out at a big 4th of July party and he was the only adult in the swimming pool playing with about 30 kids, in fact, he sort of floated along and the kids all trailed after him in one big clump, and of course, he had that big, sweet smile on his face.

Over time Mark and I got to spend a lot of time with Brian, Letty, Nick and Isabella.  I came to love their family and Brian and Letty became two friends that I adored.  I was captivated by Brian’s sweet, charming ways and what sealed the deal was that he wouldn’t stop praising my Pistachio Pesto and my Chicken Enchilada Casserole.  We traded my pesto for Letty’s amazing salsa but I am pretty sure we got more salsa.

I remember one night hanging out where there was a jukebox and as I struggled to choose a few favorite songs to play, all Brian could say was, “See if it has Michael Jackson, Thriller!”  There he stayed, swaying by the jukebox by himself, in his jean jacket, rockin’ out with his air guitar, big smile on his face.  One of the first times I went to their house I got lost in the sandhills, called Brian and he tore down the dirt roads to come meet me, and he was wearing his Bad Manuel costume.  I remember the time he started a huge water fight at my son’s birthday party and he was so soaked that he went home wearing one of my tank tops.

As families and as couples we enjoyed many meals and parties together, played kayak water polo on Sundays, Brian was not the fastest rower.  Mark and Brian started brewing beer together and I used my graphic design skills to make inappropriate beer labels and naughty t-shirts for Brian that he would dream up.

Out of these fun times together came my own friendship with Letty, one of the most beautiful people I know.  She is fun, loyal, generous and gentle.  And there aren’t enough words to describe how constant, steady, reliable and strong she is, more than she knows.  But strong people have to fall apart, too, and rely on the loving support of others, which is why I want to thank all of you who have reached out and mobilized around Letty, Nick and Isabella to help them in practical and emotional ways already.

I am not sure what is more devastating for me right now, the tragedy, loneliness and manner of his death………or the fun, endearing, pleasant thoughts and memories that I encounter about Brian’s life at every turn.  I think it has been more painful to entertain the endearing and still vivid loving memories of who Brian is, all the little things that made Brian who he is as a friend, a dad, a husband, a son, a brother, a colleague.

In addition I think every one of us this week has thought back to the last time we each saw or talked to Brian, and then probably analyzed to death that interaction, searching for some indication of where his head and heart were at, which only God knew.  The “what ifs” are paralyzing but the sad truth is that this is no one’s fault.

On the other hand, I have been painfully reminded that it couldn’t hurt for me to listen more, be gentler and kinder in my thoughts and words, slow to anger, quick to love, withhold judgments and gossip, That in so many ways I can seek to encourage more, serve more and build others up.

In these rawest moments I can’t take for granted the people I love and my heart is grateful for each day, each a gift.  We will all miss Brian and I hope with all my heart that God will show us how to best support Leticia and Nick and Isabella because their journey without Brian has only begun.

Community Event Fundraiser

The fundraising event, “Hope in a Kayak” was a successful first time event!  Four teams bravely navigated the water in their kayaks, some for the first time ever.  The sport of kayak water  polo is a bit difficult to learn only because there is so much bodily coordination and team strategy involved.  First, you must learn to row and maneuver (often very quickly), the kayak boat, then in addition you must work as a team to move a ball to your opponents goal and score, while following all (if not most) of the rules of play.

Anyway, the sport of kayak water polo presented a unique backdrop for raising funds for our local child advocacy center, Bridge of Hope, in North Platte, Nebraska.  In addition to helping form a team for the competition, LuHow Designs contributed web design services for the event.  We can’t wait to be involved next year and hope to see many more teams from the community rally to support an essential service to children and have fun while doing it!  Thank you to all who participated.  (If you don’t want your picture to appear on this website, please email me and I will remove it promptly.)

My team captain had a much more detailed description of our experience and you can read about it here.  Or read the North Platte Telegraph’s coverage of the event here.  Or you can view KNOP’s coverage of the event here:

Is There Hope in a Kayak?

Is there Hope in a Kayak?  There is now!  LuHow Designs just finished putting together online registration/payment for an upcoming fundraiser for Bridge of Hope Child Advocacy Center in North Platte, Nebraska.

Hope In A Kayak is a Double Elimination Kayak Polo Tournament on Saturday, Oct 22 at the North Platte Recreation Center Pool. Pre-game check-in will begin at 5:30pm. Games will start at 7:00pm and will go until 12:00am.

Teams must consist of 5 people, (at least one team member must be of the opposite sex) and 21years or older.

Each team member will pay a $15 registration fee and collectively each team will raise a minimum of $500 in donations.

Each  participant will receive a T-Shirt, different colored shirts for each team.

The Canteen will host a post-game celebration party.

No experience is necessary, but you can participate in the regular games days beginning Sunday, 25 Sept.  You will receive a 10% discount for the Sunday games prior to Oct 22 if you are registered.

Register Your Team Online for Hope in a Kayak and support Bridge of Hope TODAY!

(Registration deadline is October 5th, 2011)