Teach Your Kids This!

Over the next 10 years there will be approx. 1.4 m jobs in computer science & only approx. 400,000 grads qualified for those jobs.

My ten year old son loves the quick easy “game” tutorials he plays on codeacademy.com. He earns badges for his accomplishments while learning html, css and php!

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Basic Monthly Website Maintenance Package

Congrats!! You’ve got a WordPress Website! With a simple, flexible publishing engine at it’s core, WordPress is a powerful tool in the hands of anyone who wants incredible SEO (which you NEED, to be found online), online marketing leverage and social media integration! With the WordPress publishing engine, we have just built you a complex, dynamic, data-driven website.  With WordPress, you can truly tailor a blog, informational or e-commerce website to your own design tastes, needs and business goals.  All the blogging tools you need are readily available: Some are packaged with the WordPress software; others are third-party plugins and add-ons created by members of the WordPress user community. With a little research, knowledge, and time spent on your part, you can take your WordPress website to a place that gives your customers and readers an exciting experience that keeps them coming back for more.

To keep your WordPress website or blog secure and properly backed up, there is ongoing maintenance to think about. Is it absolutely necessary? Nah, you could go without it. But you could go without an oil change – or tire rotations or regular tune-ups – in your car every few thousand miles, too.  Dynamic websites like yours can only “coast” for so long. (read more about static vs. dynamic websites)

The question is…should you? Should you ignore your site’s vulnerabilities? Should you cross your fingers and hope for the best? Or should you keep your site – your content, your products, your message – as safe as possible by keeping current on all WordPress, Plugin and Theme upgrades and should you keep, not only your database, but your site files, backed up on a regular basis, scanned for malware?

Our Basic Monthly Website Maintenance Package includes the following:

  • Updating WordPress software and keeping current with all upgrades (one of the best ways to keep your site secure and hack-resistant & free of malware.  Note: One of the biggest contributors to malware attacks is running outdated software. Protect your users and yourself.)
  • Updating all Themes and Plugins
  • Database backups
  • Monthly backup of every site file on your host’s server, in case of an emergency
  • Email correspondence with us to answer maintenance related issues*

* This does not include other, non-maintenance related WordPress questions, but if you bought a website from LuHow Designs, you have unlimited access to our training videos.

Basic Website Maintenance $75/month

Basic E-Commerce Website Package

The purpose of the Basic E-Commerce Website Package is to tell your customers about your business, get found in online searches and sell your goods or services.

A WordPress website design for a small business means that the website is built with software that you can update yourself. It’s the most user-friendly website software available, is inherently Search Engine Optimized and ready for future SEO. It’s what we use for all our client websites as well as our own.

This package covers the majority of the needs for small businesses who sell products or services online, so if you’re unsure what you need, this is likely the one.  The Basic E-Commerce Website Package is perfect if you want your e-commerce site set up and you are comfortable adding your own content and products.  It provides a complete, professional design for your business. Once your new WordPress Website is live you can edit content and products yourself and customize it as much or as little as you wish.

IMPORTANT: There are some very basic updates to the WordPress platform that must be made monthly for the website to remain secure and fully functional. We can show you how to do these yourself or you may hire a web developer to perform them or you may consider our Optional Monthly Website Maintenance Package below.

The Basic E-Commerce Website Package Includes:


  • Website Design & Graphics from a template with some design customizations
  • Custom Homepage with slideshow/product showcase
  • Social Media Icons
  • Facebook Page Header

Website Programming   

  • Integrated Shopping Cart
  • WordPress built on Genesis Framework
  • 5 Website Content Pages
  • Contact Page with Contact Form (Includes optional embedded Google Map)
  • Website Blog
  • Feedburner Setup
  • Spam Protection
  • Tests for Cross Browser/Platform Compatibility
  • Sitemap & Submission to Major Search Engines (Google, Bing)
  • Google Analytics

Marketing Consultation Services   

  • Strategy Planning
  • Implementation of Strategy
  • 24 Hour Access to Training Videos (coming soon)

Basic Informational Website Package Price Total   $2,950.00


Available Monthly Add-ons (Optional)

  • Basic Website Maintenance $75/month
  • Product Uploads $5.00 each
  • Yext Powerlistings & Online Review Management
  • Additional Content Pages (you supply the copy) $50 each
  • Email Marketing Set Up $250
  • Custom Website Design & Programming $50/hour (If you think you will need a lot of customization, please consider our “Deluxe” or “Ultra” E-Commerce Package to save you money) Deluxe & Ultra Packages are coming soon.

Domain & Hosting

  • Domain approx. $10/year, registrant of your choice, we can make recommendations
  • Website Hosting approx. $20-$35/month, hosting provider of your choice, we can make recommendations

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re a business owner you have probably heard of Social Media Marketing.  Advertising is now in the consumer’s hands, not yours.  Consumers EVERYWHERE are online searching for products, services and free information.  They are talking about you, your products and other businesses like yours.  They are even posting good and BAD reviews online for the entire internet community to see.  The growing participation and pool of consumers online is not going away anytime soon, perhaps never.  As a business owner you can either choose to be a part of these conversations and “listen in” on the buzz or not.  If you’re looking for new customers and increased revenue, can you really afford NOT to be a part of this conversation?

Social Media Marketing offers you a large variety of ways to put yourself in front of your potential customers and offers you EXPONENTIAL exposure not only to your potential customers but to THEIR networks as well.  How much money do you think that would cost you to reach this many people with a print mailing? A LOT, right?  Social Media, integrated with a good website with lead capture, will also boost your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get you found above your competitors.

Social Media Marketing works on behalf of your business and markets your business while you work, even while you sleep!  Good deal.  So where do you start?  Have you been too overwhelmed with knowing where to start so you’ve procrastinated getting it done?  Let us give you a hint, from our experience, it’s likely your competitors are also procrastinating, but not for long.  Get started before they do and you’ll have new customers scrambling in your door.

LuHow Website Design and Development offers online marketing solutions which include Social Media Marketing strategies and implementation.  We can help untangle the confusion about how to use Social Media and help you setup a strategy for using Social Media as an important, influential tool in your overall marketing strategy.  Here are a few questions to help get you started:

  • What are your goals and expectations regarding social media?
  • Will there be frequent personal interaction with your audience, or are you looking for a way to get on social media because you have to and really don’t have the time or interest in actually being involved?
  • What can you do yourself? Will you handle writing your posts and tweets in-house, or will you need everything managed for you?

We can help you with your Social Media Marketing Goals, whether it’s to help you get started or to implement, oversee and measure your strategy to help you get the results you want for your business.

Prices vary and depend on the size of social media presence your company currently has as well as the depth of social media involvement desired.  Don’t have anything set-up yet or you’re not even sure what you need?  We also offer a Social Media Audit.  The Social Media Audit is a one time fee that gives you and your team the tools and strategies needed to succeed in the changing online social landscape of your specific business. You still get to manage your social media in house but you’ll feel confident that you’re doing the “right” things for your business.  Contact us today for a quote.