New Website for Extreme Basic Training Fitness Class at the North Platte Recreation Center

I have been taking the most excellent fitness class for about two years now.  I love the way it challenges my body and increases my strength and fitness.  I was the very first student to register for Extreme Basic Training at the North Platte Recreation Center.  The first session had only myself, another student, and our awesome instructor Nicole.  Over the past two years the class has grown significantly and is now offered 4x/week, 6 week sessions.  It has grown in large part to the amazing results people are experiencing because of the fun, creative exercises that our instructor Nicole comes up with.  Rarely are two classes alike.

I have experienced the benefits of this class personally and am passionate about the way this class accomplishes increased health and fitness.  I designed and developed this website for Nicole to use as a tool and resource for enhancing the class and what the participants get out of it.  The administrative side is smooth and easy for Nicole to use herself so that she can use her website to keep her classes up to date on their exercise homework, motivational testimonies and inspirational stories and encouragement.  Check it out and maybe YOU’LL even sign up for the class!

Extreme Basic Training combines 6 weeks of high intensity group exercise classes with individual nutrition guidance.  Be inspired by each member of your class and instructor to be the best you can be.  This program will help you change your lifestyle and reach your goals, sign up today!

Extreme Basic Training Includes:

  • Pre and post body composition assessments
  • 2 group workouts each week, for 6 weeks, that will challenge every muscle in your body
  • “Exercise homework” for the days you are not at Extreme Basic Training
  • Weekly personalized nutritional guidance
  • A team atmosphere that will push you to be your best
  • Extreme Basic Training t-shirt upon completion
  • Guidance, support, motivation and  encouragement!